Friday, April 7, 2017

Why Swimming Is Unlike Other Exercises

New Haven, Connecticut-based Michael “Mike” Vasaturo has years of experience in business administration. The former vice president of Logistec USA, Inc., he currently functions as vice president of New Haven Terminal. In his free time, Michael Vasaturo enjoys staying in shape by swimming and running. 

Time Magazine recently released an article about the benefits of swimming in comparison to other forms of exercise. Unlike other activities, swimming submerges the entire body in water, eliminating the stress or limitations that come from working in gravity. This makes swimming an especially good option for athletes who have osteoarthritis or experience other body aches and pains. It is also good for those who cannot handle load-bearing aerobic exercises, such as those trying to lose a great deal of weight. Swimming also can lower blood pressure for those with hypertension and decreases arterial stiffness.

While this may make swimming sound easier, it is not. Water is denser than air, which puts more pressure on the limbs as swimmers force their way through. Also beneficial is the fact that the pressure is uniformly distributed, meaning it doesn’t impact any one part of the body like other exercises can.